PackGuard Basic+
Billing Module


Our Billing Module works in conjunction with PackGuard Express! Guest Package System which allows you to record pertinent data on each incoming package that arrives at your location.  The data is stored in a centralized database, enabling various personnel instant access to package information. Hotels and convention centers are excellent candidates for this system.

The Basic + Billing Module includes:

Incoming Packages Shipping and Receiving enters and saves package information.  Searches may be made by company name, recipient or tracking number. Mark packages for delivery, print delivery voucher. 
Billing Module Create custom rate tables based on package weight.  Include additional handling fees.  Create Master Account files to maintain cumulative charges for groups.  Allows for free pounds and/or minimum package weights.
Reports Obtain inventory, arrivals, and delivery reports.
Maintenance Company setup information such as name and address. Create users and set security levels. Add carrier names. Develop charge types and rate tables to calculate fees.
Quick Search Execute a search by company name, recipient name or tracking number to quickly access package data.

With the network version of PackGuard, once data is correctly entered into the program, that information on the package is quickly accessible to other users, improving employee response time and increased customer satisfaction.  Package information can be retrieved using our unique Versatile Query Technology.  

With this optional Billing Module installed, revenue may be charged based on calculated fees determined by an authorized PackGuard System Administrator.  The hotel or convention center can charge storage and handling fees for each package based on system defined fee schedules entered by the authorized PackGuard System Administrator.  In addition, as an incentive to bell staff or concierge staff, gratuities may be calculated and added to the fees.

Guest Package System has a flexible security system to allow multiple users access and manipulate sensitive data.  An authorized PackGuard System Administrator may assign variable levels of security for each user.

Highlights and features:
Create your own Carriers Create Rate Tables
One license, unlimited users Allow free pounds
Create your own store Locations Charge Handling Fees
Maintain Master Account file Interval or Multiple Rate Tables
Specify security levels for users Signature Capture Capabilities 
Master Account Reports Versatile Search capabilities


Purchase Price: Support Fees:
Unlimited Users 
(Includes PackGuard Express!)
$ 4,500.00
Unlimited Users 

$1,500.00 / yr
1 year support & version upgrades included Includes support & version upgrades

For sales call (954) 364-7684


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