PackGuard Guest Package System
Best Practice

As deliveries arrive at the receiving dock, packages are transported to the staging area where each package's data is entered into the PackGuard.  The staging area can be the receiving dock back office, or a secure area where guest packages are stored.

Various information is entered into the PackGuard's Incoming Package Screen After all the pertinent fields for the package are populated in the system, a Package ID Form may be printed and attached to the package.  The package is then placed in the designated Bin Number Location, ready for pickup.  Package ID form may be printed on a large label so that it can be easily applied to the package or it may be printed on a standard dot matrix or laser/desk jet printer. 

With the Billing Module installed, the user may opt to bill the package at the point of entry.  Doing so will produce an invoice, allowing for posting a delivery charge to the property management system.

During the course of the day, a guest may inquire as to the status of an expected package.  The hotel personnel can query the Guest Package Program, using our unique Versatile Query Technology, to know if the package has arrived, and what location and bin number the package resides.

Now the employee may print a delivery  voucher and retrieve the package, or if the employee is not in a position to leave their post, call to retrieve the package, and deliver it to the guest.  The guest can examine the package and accept it by signing the delivery  voucher.  The voucher will be filed with the guest's folio at the Front Desk.  With the optional Signature Capture Module, the guest can sign on a PDA (Personal Data Assistant) hand held device.  The acceptance signature image will then be on file within the PackGuard.

When using the network version of PackGuard, a clerk in the Finance or Accounting office, using our unique Versatile Query Technology, may retrieve a Delivery Report showing all completed transactions, and post those applicable charges to the guest room or guest group master account.

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