Enhance PackGuard Guest Package System by adding optional hardware:


Long Range Laser Scanner

keybrd_1.jpg (71496 bytes)

  • Capable of scanning bar codes wider than 3.5 inches and up to 24 inches away
  • Fast and accurate entry of bar code data
  • Hands-free auto-scan feature
  • Easily installs between your keyboard and PC—no power supply required
  • Compatible with virtually any PC—includes PC XT/AT & PS/2 keyboard adapters
  • Optional Mini-DIN keyboard cable for notebook computers
  • Optional USB adapter available



measura handheld 

Portable Handheld

  • Enter package information at the point of entry
  • Scan tracking number - prevent data entry errors
  • Capture recipient signature
  • Synchronize transactions between handheld and server via cradle



Signature Capture Pad

  • High quality electronic signature capture
  • Preserve electronic signatures on file.
  • LCD interactive display allowing users to see "electronic ink" under the pen tip as they sign
  • USB and serial connection supported





  • Read exact package weight
  • Prevent data entry errors
  • Serial port communication



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